Experienced and Zealous Litigators on Your Side

Experienced And Zealous Litigators
On Your Side

What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying

Sarah O.

I would highly recommend Dave Waltrip and his associate Nicole Hahn. I had a particularly intricate and challenging divorce case recently in which I was very satisfied with the outcome. He was my second attorney after my concerns had not been addressed properly in the beginning of the case with my first attorney. I do believe that without his representation, I would have received a poor outcome overall. Due to his tenacity and skill level, I would recommend him to anyone with a complex divorce case.

By Mehdi A.

Mr. Waltrip is an advocate imbued with certain traits of character that make him an irreplaceable partner for anyone in a time of need in the legal domain. He is an expert in his areas of legal practice to be sure, but more importantly he is an honorable, wise and compassionate servant of his clients. In his work with me Mr. Waltrip has provided firm guidance when warranted, a listening ear when needed, and he quickly earned my trust in handling matters so precious to me as to be existential, even while occasionally enduring the unprofessionally childish and petty slanders too often associated with high-conflict litigation against bad faith parties and opposing counsel. Mr. Waltrip was always, always the ‘adult in the room’, even in the company of Judges. If you commit to working hard with him and his team, you’ll find Mr. Waltrip is worthy not just of your trust, but also your faith.

Letter received from Bernita R.

Dear Dave,
You are the best attorney I have ever known.
You have proven to me that there are good people in this world.
You have a big heart and knew the pain I was in.
Your mercy for my cause has lifted a heavy burden off me.
I cannot thank you enough, but I do “Thank You” for your kind generosity, for without your mercy, I would be heavy laden with debt to you and my mother.
Your gracious generosity has touched my heart deeply.

Bernita R.

By Nicole K.

I am a client of David, and I truly have witnessed him go above and beyond for me. Any question or worry I had was taken care of no matter time or inconvenience on his part. I would recommend him to anyone I know.

By Ellen R.

David and Nicole were great lawyers throughout the whole duration of 9 months for my case. They accomplished everything I asked them to. They get back to you with information in a timely manner and always keep you up to date. If I ever needed a lawyer again they are who I’d use! Thanks David and Nicole!

By Arthur M.

They have provided very good service. They are on top of things and making opposing counsel look just silly.

By Andrea H.

I am grateful for the professional services that I have received as a client of Mr. David Waltrip and Ms. Nicole Hahn. In spite of the challenges that have been encountered, they have consistently provided thorough and attentive services to help guide me through extremely stressful circumstances.

By Passion W.

David and Nicole were both very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. My particular case was very complex and required a lot of attention to detail. I am currently in the military stationed overseas, which added another layer of difficulty. We were able to get everything worked out painlessly! I appreciate the hard work and professionalism displayed by the entire firm!