Experienced and Zealous Litigators on Your Side

Experienced And Zealous Litigators
On Your Side

Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

Since its inception, the law firm of David G. Waltrip, L.L.C., has been committed to representing the interests of active-duty service members, retired service members, members of the reserve forces of the United States and veterans. Attorney David G. Waltrip served our country in the U.S. Marines before and after becoming a lawyer. He has been admitted to the Court of Military Appeals, now known as the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and has appeared before and argued cases before various Courts of Military Review. He has a long history of being involved in matters before the different services boards for the correction of military records.

In addition to representing service members at courts-martial, our attorneys at the law office of David G. Waltrip, L.L.C., represent individuals involved in the dissolution of marriage proceedings, the unique aspects of custody and child support matters for active-duty service member, and other matters involving domestic relations.

Legal Advocacy for Veterans Affairs

Solving legal matters connected with claims made through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs can be and frequently is confusing and frustrating for the disabled veteran. The law office of David G. Waltrip, L.L.C. has regularly represented veterans before the VA as a result of their claims for compensation arising from their military service to the United States of America.

David has also served as a court-appointed attorney ad litem for active-duty service members under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act in this region of the U.S. David is well-known throughout the legal community for his knowledge of military law issues. Judges have consulted him in order to provide legal background before addressing service members’ legal issues. He is intimately familiar with – and has a thorough knowledge of – matters that are unique to the myriad legal concerns that may arise from military service.

Semper Fidelis

Like his father before him, attorney David G. Waltrip lives the Marine motto: Semper Fi – Always Faithful. David receives – and answers – calls nationwide seeking his legal assistance for help with matters relating to military law and veterans’ legal proceedings. To help him maintain a fresh perspective on the ever-changing legal scape, David is a member of the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates, Inc. (NOVA). To schedule a consultation with David, please call our office in St. Louis toll-free at 866-282-5555, locally at 314-782-3480 or send us an email through our secure website.

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